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CZ Document Converter  V5.0
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CZ Document Converter

CZ Document Converter is the award-winning, powerful batch document converter that converts doc, html, rtf, text, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect and Works for windows etc file format that that you can open in Microsoft Word to Postscript Files (PDF, PS, EPS, PXL etc), Picture/Image Files (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, BMP etc), Read-only Picture/Image MS Word Doc Files(*.doc), HTML, RTF, TXT (ANSI and Unicode), DOC, XLS, MCW, WRI, WPD, WK4, WPS, SAM, RFT, WSD and more!

To convert your documents, just select destination file format, then click "Add Files" or "Add Folders" button to add files, final click "Convert" button to get conversion result, it is very easy to use!

Key Features

  • Source file formats include many office file formats, for example Word Documents (*.doc), Web Pages (*.htm,*.html), Web Archives (*.mth,*.mthml), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Text File (*.txt), Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk1;*.wk3;*.wk4), Windows Write (*.wri), Word 2.x 4.x 5.x 6.0/95 for Windows & Macintosh (*.doc), WordPerfect 5.x 6.x (*.wpd,*.doc), Works 4.x 2000 (*.wps,*.wpt) etc, you can get detail information from Supported File Format List.
  • Destination file formats include below formats, and you can get detail information from Supported File Format List.
    1. Postscript file formats Acrobat PDF Files(*.pdf, doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to be installed), PS, EPS, PS2; supports watermark, creates encrypted documents and other many options.
    2. Picture/Image file formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, BMP etc and Read-only Picture/Image MS Word Doc Files(*.doc); supports watermark and other options.
    3. many office file formats Word Documents (*.doc), Web Pages (*.htm,*.html), Web Archives (*.mth,*.mthml), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Text File (*.txt), Windows Write (*.wri), Word 2.x 4.x 5.x 6.0/95 for Windows & Macintosh (*.doc), WordPerfect 5.x 6.x (*.wpd,*.doc), Works 4.x 2000 (*.wps,*.wpt) etc.
  • supports batch conversion.
  • support command line arguments.
  • watch source file folders and convert new uploading ms word doc documents automatically.
  • can add the files in subfolders to convert with power file filters, and you can set exclude words in file name or file path.
  • supports drag files and folders from your desktop.
  • fit to convert so much as over 1 million files in folder, you need not wait at all.

Supported File Format List

File Formatswhether can be opened?whether can be saved?note

Word 2007 Document (*.docx)

Macro-enabled  Word 2007 Document (*.docm)

Word 2007 Template (*.dotx)

Macro-enabled  Word 2007 Template (*.dotm)

OpenDocument Text (*.odt)

YYyou need install ms word 2007 or above
Word 2003 XML Document (*.xml)YYyou need install ms word 2003 or above
Web Archive (*.mht; *.mhtml)YYyou need install ms word 2002 or above
Word Documents(*.doc)

Document Templates(*.dot)

Web Pages(*.htm,*.html)

Rich Text Format(*.rtf)

Text File(*.txt)

MS-DOS Text with Layout (*.asc)

Text with Layout (*.ans)

Word 2.x for Windows (*.doc)

Word 4.0 for Macintosh (*.mcw)

Word 5.0 for Macintosh (*.mcw)

Word 5.1 for Macintosh (*.mcw)

Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)

Word 97-2002 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)

Word for Windows 5.0 (*.doc)

WordPerfect 5.0 (*.doc)

WordPerfect 5.0 Secondary File (*.doc)

WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS (*.doc)

WordPerfect 5.1 or 5.2 Secondary File (*.doc)

WordPerfect 5.x for Windows (*.doc)

Works 2000 (*.wps)

Works 4.0 for Windows (*.wps)

Works 6.0 - 9.0 (*.wtf)

Works 6.0 - 9.0 (*.wps)

Works 7.0 (*.wtf)

Ami Pro 3.0 (*.sam)

YYyou need install ms word 95 or above

Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk1;*.wk3;*.wk4)

Excel Worksheet(*.xls,*.xlw)

FoxPro / dBASE (*.dbf)

Recover Text from Any File(*.*)

YNyou need install ms word 95 or above
Outlook Address Book(*.olk)

Personal Address Book (*.pab)

Schedule+ Contacts (*.scd)

YNyou need install ms word 95, 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003

please note these formats do not be supported by ms word 2007 and above

Acrobat PDF Files(*.pdf)

postscript language levels 1(*.ps)

postscript language levels 2 and 3(*.ps)

encapsulated postscript(*.eps)

HP PCL-XL(*.pxl), a graphic language understood by many recent laser printers

NYyou need install ms word 95 or above

doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to be installed, supports watermark, creates encrypted documents and other many options

Portable Network Graphics(*.png), is the recommended format for high-quality images. It supports full quality color and transparency, offers excellent lossless compression of the image data, and is widely supported.

JPEG Files(*.jpg)

PNM (portable network map)(*.pnm), very simple uncompressed image formats commonly used on unix-like systems

Color and Black-White TIFF Files(*.tiff)

G3 G4 TIFF FAX Files(*.tiff)

BMP Files(*.bmp)

PCX Files(*.pcx)

PSD Files(*.psd), PSD is the image format used by Adobe Photoshop

NYyou need install ms word 95 or above

supports watermark and other options

Read-only Picture/Image MS Word Doc Files(*.doc) can not be modified or edited, it includes all page pictures/images of the source documents, and it is non-editable/un-editable, so you can share your word documents without any misgiving.NYyou need install ms word 95 or above

supports watermark and other options

System Requirements
1.You will need a Pentium 150 PC or higher, 16MB RAM or more. 
2. The operating system should be 32 bit or 64 bit Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinNT 4.0, WinME, WinXp, Win2003, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 2008, Win 2012.
3.Of course, you must install Microsoft Word 95 or higher for windows.

What's New
09/02/2013 released CZ Document converter V5.0 Build130902, changed the calling ms word way that can keep CZ Document converter more stable, and fixed the error that folder watcher won't work, and fixed the watermark color error.
released CZ Document converter V4.0 Build130220, fixed "the printer name is invalid" error in windows 2012 64bit.
released CZ Document converter V4.0 Build111027, supports multiple languages GUI, now including English, German, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.
released CZ Document converter V3.0 Build110429, add read-only picture/image ms word doc file output formats, and so you can make the ms word files completely un-editable/non-editable, and you will not worry about the modification or edit.
03/14/2011 released CZ Document converter V3.0 Build110314, add images (png, jpg, tiff, pnm, psd, pcx, bmp) and postscript and pdf files output formats, and support watermark and other many options.
01/25/2009 released CZ Document converter V2.0 Build090125,add plug-in function, so you can do some actions ( fox example: delete comments, add or change author/title information etc) before conversion, and you can get more information from faq, thanks for Charles Matz's advice.
released CZ Document converter V2.0 Build080314,can convert the word documents with open password, and command line supports open password function, thanks for Martin Brindley's advice.
06/11/2004: released cz document converter v1.0 build041106, add pdf format output.
03/10/2004: released CZ Document Converter V2.0 Build040310, add folder watcher that watch source file path and convert new uploading ms word doc, text, rtf or html documents to document files automatically. While your user upload word documents to your website, then this folder watcher can automatically convert them into all kind of documents formats.
released CZ Document Converter V1.5 Build020427 update the way of load files, you do not wait to convert so much as over 1 million files in folder.
02/25/2002: released CZ Document Converter V1.0 Build020225 fix command line /h option, fix the problem pops up a screen while command line using /h param.
01/08/2002:released CZ Document Converter V1.0. support convert between office document(word doc, rtf, html, text format and almost any other format that microsoft word will support),  beautiful GUI interface, support command line run, convert the files in subfolders. 


Manual Conversion Interface
manual conversion

Folder Watcher Interface
folder watcher interface

PDF General Setting
pdf general setting

PDF Security Setting
pdf security setting

PDF Watermark Setting
pdf watermark setting

Watermark Sample
watermark sample

Register Benefits

* Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7 and x64, Vista®, Vista 64, 2012/2008/2003 Server, XP

* 12 months FREE Upgrades.

* 12 months FREE Technical Support.

* How good is our support?, please see reviews from our clients


How to convert word documents to image?

The conversion works without plugin.bas checked but fails when plugin option is checked, it shows "Error, Can not convert C:\Test\xxx.txt! Error Reason is The remote procedure call failed", please help!
please follow below step to fix the error:
1, run ms word, then Click the Microsoft Office Button Button imageoffice , and then click Word Options.
2, Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Macro Settings.
3, check the option "Trust access to the VBA project object model"
4, click "ok" button, final the error will be fixed.

How does "Manual Convert" work?
Please click "Manual Convert" tab sheet, you can simply press the "add files" button, then select the files to batch conversion list with ctrl or shift key, or click the "add folders" button to select the file folder. finally press the "convert" button, in a short time you will have finished conversion!

How does "Folder Watcher" work?
Please click "Folder Watcher" tab sheet, then click "Add Watch" button, and show a "Add Watch" dialog, and input "Source File Path", "destination File Path" and "File Filter", press "OK" button, you will add a file watch to folder watcher list. finally press "Start Watch" button, while the word documents are copied to the source path, then this folder watcher can automatically convert them into viewable html format of destination file path.

How to use command line run?
cz-docvt :> [/d:] [/s] [/p:] [/plugin]

Please notice: add quotes when argument contain spaces

file path  the path and files want to be converted,  this parameter must exist.
for example, "d:\test path\*.doc"
As shown in the example above, filenames that include spaces must be enclosed in quotes.
/f:destination file format code, this parameter must exist.
the format code list is following:
-1      PDF file
-5      PS File
-15    PS2 File
-16    EPS File
-18    PXL File
-6      PNG File
-7      JPEG File
-8      BMP File
-9      PNM File
-10    TIFF File
-17    FAX File
-11    PCX File
-12    PSD File
0    doc file
1    dot file
2    text file
3    text file with line break
4    dos text file
5    dos text file with line break
6    rtf file
7    unicode or encode text file
8    html file
>8   other file format your office word can support, you can find it in CZ Document Converter's gui, please see following red frame.

for example, /f:8, means you want convert documents to html files
 /d:destination folder
for example, /d:"d:\test path", means the conversion result will be saved to "d:\test path" folder
/sinclude the files in subfolders
/p:open password
for example:/p:123456, means you want convert word doc files with open  password 123456
/pluginrun plugin macro before conversion and after conversion, and you can edit plugin.bas to do may actions ( fox example delete comments etc), you can find plugin.bas from application path

Command Line Example1:  
convert all doc files in folder e:\source to html files, destination folder is c:\destination, some source doc files have password "123456" protected.
            czdocvt e:\source\*.doc /f:8 /d:"c:\destination" /s /p:123456

Command Line Example2:   (this example shows how to convert files when file path with space char or long file path, you must add quotation marks beside file path )
convert test*.htm ofthe folder "c:\source files" to text files, destination folder is "x:\destination\test\space\long file path",
            czdocvt "c:\source files\test*.htm" /f:2  /d:"x:\destination\test\space\long file path"

Does this converter convert quickly?
Yes, CZ Document Converter can convert between doc, html, rtf, text files very quickly, you can download the Free Demo and test the converting speed.

Does this converter support word xp?
Yes, CZ Document Converter can support word xp.

Is there a batch process available?
Yes. CZ Document Converter can support batch conversion between doc, html, rtf, text files, so much as over 1500 files. 

Can this converter convert many pages in a document file?
Yes. CZ Document Converter can convert very big document file, so much as over 5000 pages in a document file.

I am trying to use your Document Converter product (cz-docvt) to convert HTML to RTF via the command line, but can find no way to tell it the source document type; it seems to just copy the HTML and do no translating.
You need not to know the soure file type, and you only set the destination file format, please add /f:6 to your command line, then you can get rtf result.
fox example: convert all htm files include sub-folder in folder d:\source to rtf files, destination folder is d:\destination
the command line can be : czdocvt d:\source\*.htm /f:6 /d:d:\destination /s

Will this software convert MS Word documents to WordPerfect documents?
Our productcz-document converter can help you, but you must open a word document using ms word first, then save it as WordPerfect format, and the system will prompt to insert the window install disk. If you can use save as a WordPerfect file successfully, you can use cz-document converter to convert to WordPerfect. 

We are evaluating your product for our software product. We would like to distribute your product with our product if it fits to our requirement. We are interested knowing price structure for distribution license, where we can bundle your product with our product.
You can choose to pay for each copy, or pay for Developer License. After you order the developer license, there is not any limit for the developer license, you can bundle our product to your application, then redistribute your application to anyone, any times, and anytime.
You can order it from

How we can redistribute your product with our product? If it is possible, What file we need to insert in our setup?
You only copy cz-docvt.exe and register.key and all files of the gs directory to your install path, then OK.