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Extract UnityPackage V1.0

The cause of development

There are many unity3d UnityPackage packages that can be downloaded in internet, but in order to open the UnityPackage package to view content(for example, image files and audio files), you must have unity3d installed, and also must be running unity3d, anyway it isn't easy to do.

So we developed this batch extract the unity3d UnityPackage package tools, without installing and opening unity3d, you can directly extract, get the package contents inside.

Extract UnityPackage is the award-winning, powerful batch UnityPackage extractor that extracts files/folders from Unity3d's .unitypackage without Unity3d installation!

Extract UnityPackage supports batch extraction, command line and folder watcher. Batch extraction ability allows you to extract an unlimited number of .unitypackage files at a time.

To extract files/folders from from your .unitypackage files, just click "Add Files" or "Add Folders" button to add files, final click "Convert" button to get extraction result, it is very easy to use!

Extract UnityPackage is a standalone program and does not require Unity3d.

Key Features
A. Batch extract files/folders from Unity3d 3.x/4.x 's .unitypackage without Unity3d installation, and extracts so much as over 1 million files in folder, you need not wait at all..
B. can watch source file folder and extract new uploading .unitypackage files automatically.
C. supports command line arguments, and you can call command line of this product in your application.
D. can add the files in subfolders to extract with power file filters, and you can set exclude words in file name or file path.
E. supports drag files and folders from your desktop. 
F. can create run log file. 

System Requirements
1.You will need a Pentium 150 PC or higher, 16MB RAM or more. 
2. The operating system should be 32 bit or 64 bit Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinNT 4.0, WinME, WinXp, Win2003, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 2008, Win 2012.

What's New In Extract UnityPackage?

06/19/2014 released Extract UnityPackage V1.0 build140505, added automatic update function and added multiple languages GUI, now including English, German, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese, and fixed folder watch conversion error.


manual conversion screenshot of docx to docfolder watcher screenshot of docx to doc
Manual ConversionFolder Watcher

How does "Manual Convert" work?
Please click "Manual Convert" tab sheet, you can simply press the "add files" button, then select the files to batch conversion list with ctrl or shift key, or click the "add folders" button to select the file folder. finally press the "convert" button, in a short time you will have finished conversion!

How does "Folder Watcher" work?
Please click "Folder Watcher" tab sheet, then click "Add Watch" button, and show a "Add Watch" dialog, and input "Source File Path", "destination File Path" and "File Filter", press "OK" button, you will add a file watch to folder watcher list. finally press "Start Watch" button, while the word documents are copied to the source path, then this folder watcher can automatically extract them into viewable html format of destination file path.

How to use command line run?
extract_unitypackage [/d:] [/s] [/e:] [/ef:]

extract_unitypackage will usually return 0 if the extraction is successful; otherwise, return the number of extraction errors. You can, then, use an IF (NOT) statement with a 0 return code in batch files and other automated processing. For Example:

@echo off
extract_unitypackage "d:\destination path\test\*.unitypackage"
if %errorlevel% equ 0 echo extract ok
if %errorlevel% geq 1 echo extract error, the number of extraction errors are %errorlevel%, you can see the detail errors from error.log

In the example above, if no error occurs the batch file will echo extract ok. However, if an error occurs it will echo the number of extraction errors.

file path  The path and files want to be converted,  this parameter must exist. (use quotes when paths contain spaces)
for example, "d:\test\*.unitypackage" or "c:\destination path\test\some*.unitypackage"
/d:Destination folder (use quotes when paths contain spaces)
for example, /d:"d:\test", means file extract result will be saved to d:\test folder
/sInclude the files in subfolders
[/e:]Exclude words in file name or file path, (use quotes when paths contain spaces)
Hint: use ; as multi words's delmited char, for example this;test ,  supports wildcards (just * and ?), for example *_?_*.unitypackage matchs test_2_sdsd.unitypackage

for example /e:"\inc\;test-;test*s", means you want to exclude file name or file path include \inc\ and test- and test*s

[/ef:]Exclude file list, the list is saved in text file

for example /ef:"exclude.lst", means you want to exclude file, the exclude file list is saved  in exclude.lst, an exclude file per line, exclude file name supports wildcards (just * and ?), for example *_?_*.unitypackage matchs test_2_sdsd.unitypackage  

exclude.lst example is below:

example 1:  
extract all .unitypackage files in disk "d:\destination path\test\", the destination path is d:\destination 
            extract_unitypackage "d:\destination path\test\*.unitypackage" /d:d:\destination /s

example 2: 
extract all .unitypackage files in "d:\destination path\test\"
           extract_unitypackage "d:\destination path\test\*.unitypackage" /s

example 3: 
extract all .unitypackage files in "d:\destination path\test\", exclude result.unitypackage, eom.unitypackage and test3.unitypackage
           extract_unitypackage "d:\destination path\test\*.unitypackage" /s /e:result.unitypackage;eom.unitypackage;test3.unitypackage

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You only just add extract_unitypackage.exe and register.key to your setup, then ok.