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RTF to DOC Command Line V1.0

RTF to DOC Command Line is a powerful Word DOC converter that converts RTF to doc MS Word without MS Word installation!

RTF to DOC Command Line is a standalone program and does not require Microsoft Word.

Key Features
A. Convert RTF to .doc MS Word without MS Word installation.
C. supports command line arguments, and you can call command line of this product in your application.

System Requirements
1.You will need a Pentium 150 PC or higher, 16MB RAM or more. 
2. The operating system should be 32 bit or 64 bit Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinNT 4.0, WinME, WinXp, Win2003, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 2008, Win 2012.

What's New In RTF to DOC Command Line?

2013-01-11 release RTF to DOC Command Line V1.0 build130111, can Convert RTF to .doc MS Word without MS Word installation. Thanks for Robert Michaud's advice.

How to use command line run?
rtf2doc [destination doc file]

rtf2doc will usually return 0 if the conversion is successful; otherwise, return the number of conversion errors. You can, then, use an IF (NOT) statement with a 0 return code in batch files and other automated processing. For Example:

@echo off
rtf2doc "d:\source path\old.rtf" "d:\destination path\new.doc"
if %errorlevel% equ 0 echo convert ok
if %errorlevel% geq 1 echo convert error, the number of conversion errors are %errorlevel%, you can see the detail errors from error.log

In the example above, if no error occurs the batch file will echo convert ok. However, if an error occurs it will echo the number of conversion errors.

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